7 Best Baby Thermometer Kit You Can Buy Right Now (2021 Reviews)

7 Best Baby Thermometer Kit You Can Buy Right Now (2021 Reviews)

When you have to deal with your baby's fever for the first time, it can be frightening. That's why having the best baby thermometer in your first-aid box is essential. Especially if your infant is under three months old, a temperature of more than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit can be dangerous. But how do you know how severe your baby's fever is? The old age "touch test" isn't always reliable or accurate. Also, the baby can't tell you how they feel. A baby thermometer explicitly designed to measure and display a baby's temperature is the best way to determine whether you should go to the emergency room, call your paediatrician, or simply wait and see.

However, with so many various kinds of thermometers—oral, rectal, infrared, and multi-purpose—difficult it's to know which one is ideal for infants. My Baby Geeked is here to help you discover the best baby thermometer for your requirements, so we've compiled a list of the best baby thermometers currently available. But, before we get into our best baby thermometer reviews, let's see if you really need a thermometer for your baby right now. We don't want you to make an unnecessary purchase. 

Do You Need To Buy Baby Thermometer Kit?

Babies need so many things that you may think buying an additional baby thermometer is a waste of money. So, you may be tempted to use an existing regular thermometer. However, that would be a mistake because: 

  • Oral thermometers aren't suitable for infants since they can't keep them under their mouths. You may try using it to check a baby's temperature beneath the arm, but this is one of the least reliable methods to do so.
  • To get an accurate reading from an ear thermometer, you'll need one made for a tiny ear canal.
  • If you have an older glass mercury thermometer and cracks, the mercury may be hazardous if your baby breathes it. Mercury poisoning has been related to neurological disorders as well as other severe health concerns.

Investing in a thermometer explicitly made for infants can help keep them safe while also ensuring that you receive an accurate temperature reading if you suspect a fever.

7 Best Baby Thermometer Kit 

1. Medek Infrared Forehead Thermometer - Touchless 

The Medek Infrared Forehead Thermometer features a switchable Celsius/Fahrenheit display, a body measuring range of 32.0°C-42.9°C (89.9°F-109°F), a display resolution of 0.1°C, measuring accuracy of 0.2°C, a memory capacity of 32 sets, high-temperature warning functionality, measure distance of 3-8 cm, auto-off 60 seconds, and a power source of 3.0V (2*AA). When you click the object mode button on the thermometer, you may instantly measure the temperature of a room or a cup or a human, obviously. It's ideal for parents who wish to keep an eye on the body temperatures of their infants, children, and loved ones.

2. Berrcom No-Contact 3-In-1 Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Berrcom's JXB-178 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is FDA-certified and intended to deliver quick and accurate readings. Simply aim the thermometer at someone's forehead from 1.2 to 2" away, press the button, and the display will show a reading in less than a second. The thermometer may give you readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius. If the temperature rises over 100°F/38°C, an audible warning will ring. This multi-purpose thermometer can take three different temperature readings. It can measure your body temperature, the temperature of the surrounding air, and the temperature of the surface.

3. Hestiasko Fever Thermometer – Touchless

This forehead thermometer was created to avoid cross-infection. This Infrared Thermometer is fitted with an excellent microprocessor and a high sensitivity sensor, making it quick and accurate. Its infrared sensor can accurately detect the infrared heat emitted by the forehead and take measurements in less than a second. It has an original design and a simple and easy-to-use one-button control function that can measure both body and object temperature. It's ideal for use at home, in the nursery, on the road, in clinics, and in schools.

4. BabyElf Floating Baby Bath Thermometer - Duck

This digital thermometer, with its yellow duckling design, may be used as a water thermometer as well as a room thermometer. It also makes bath time enjoyable for both youngsters and adults. It's also easy to use. There's no need to look for the switch. When tossed into the baby bathtub, it turns on automatically. Simply push the bottom buttons to convert it into a timer or clock whenever you choose. Temperatures are correctly shown in real-time. When the water becomes too hot or too cold, the tiny duck will begin to beep. The screen on it will display various colours: The red light indicates HEAT, the yellow light means COLD, and the green light indicates COMFORTABLE. It's a toy as well as a valuable gadget for babies. 

5. Famidoc Floating Baby Bath Thermometer - Stingray

best baby Famidoc Floating Bath Thermometer - Stingray - My Baby Geeked

This simple floating baby thermometer not only tells you the temperature but it's also entertaining to play with. The infant thermometer is triggered by shaking it or submerging it in water. It flashes a red LED warning light if it becomes too hot (over 38 degrees Celsius). If your bath is very cold, the word "cold" will appear on the screen. The waterproof, underwater thermometer, which has a colourful fish design to encourage your little marine scientist, can also be used as a room thermometer outside the tub.

6. Floating Baby Bath Thermometer - Frog

This adorable Frog thermometer will ensure that your baby's bath is at the proper temperature. There will be no more guesswork! You may now give your kid a bath that is neither too hot nor too chilly. The thermometer has a charming toy shape, floats in the water, and is small enough to hold. It's also constructed of soft material and feels terrific, so it may be used as a bath toy for your baby. There is a high and low visual temperature warning; when the water is too hot or cold, the light will flash, and HOT or COLD will appear on the screen. The digital thermometer is not only a bathwater thermometer but also a room thermometer that may assist you in creating a pleasant sleeping and playing environment for your baby.

7. Additional Kit: 10-In-1 Baby Nail Kit - Turquoise

Besides thermometers, you should also add a nail care kit to your first aid box. For that, this 10-In-1 Baby Nail Kit will be your best option. Because you'll have a hard time finding a better electric nail trimmer than this one. The easy-to-grip trimmer in a case, ten grinding/filing heads, six coloured sandpapers in three textures designed for all stages of a baby's growth, one cylinder grinding head, one metal grinding head (for adults), two soft grinding heads for nail polishing, and a safety nail clipper are all included in this set. With all this, this trimmer is challenging to beat in this price range. 

Final Thoughts

While there are many options on the market, the Berrcom 3-In-1 Forehead Thermometer is our top selection for the most OK baby thermometer. The display is big and simple to see, and it also sends warnings to indicate a fever. It can also flip between Celsius and Fahrenheit. It may be used as a multi-purpose thermometer (for your baby) (for everyone else). It's the ideal all-around, user-friendly, and accurate thermometer for the whole family.

It's never pleasant to have a sick baby, but knowing you can properly monitor their temperature may offer you peace of mind. It's one thing to trust your mother's instincts, but it's another to ensure your child's safety.